Around the World in 9 Months: Dachau

Leslie Rosenthal visits Dachau on the 75th anniversary of liberation and attends Angela Merkel’s speech. He shares a unique bond with the camp: he was born behind the fences in the last weeks of World War Two. While he comes to terms with being one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust, his 93 year old mother Miriam is the last woman alive to share her experience of giving birth in a concentration camp.

Around the World in 9 Months is a new series from On The Spot, the celebrated documentary television series from Hungary. Each 52 minute film deals with birth in different cultures across five continents.

I worked as film editor for three of the twelve episodes, and post-production supervisor on the other nine films.

Find more information about the series and directors Eszter Cseke and Andras S. Takacs on their website:

Client:On The Spot